The Difference Between This Course and My Book, Creative Woodburning

This Woodburning Master Course is not meant to teach you how to woodburn specific projects. For example, I won’t be teaching you how to burn flowers onto a gourd or honeycomb onto a lightswitch plate. Those are two of the twenty projects that I detail step by step in my book, Creative Woodburning. 

What I WILL be teaching you in this course is HOW to use your tools. What techniques work best. How to improve, how and what to practice, and how to get consistently beautiful results. I’ll break down the basics plus give you digestible deep dives into many important topics- and we get much more detailed than my book allowed. 

This course and my book could successfully be used in tandem to provide you with a fuller educational experience in the art of Pyrography. However, each resource is a complete work in and of itself and provides the proper context for its own contents.

If you don't already have a copy of Creative Woodburning and you'd like to have it on hand, you can get a signed copy directly from me here:

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