Course Overview & What You Can Expect to Learn

This course is an in depth dive into the art of woodburning. You can take this course if you are a beginner, but the content is not just surface level beginner stuff. I am providing layers of information from my 12 years of professional pyrography experience and there is value in this course for woodburners of any level. The content is easily digestible, broken into categories and subcategories so you can take bite sized chunks out of the course and go at your own pace.

When you purchase the course, you have instant access to the entirety of the materials, so you can skip around to the sections that you're most curious about. It's also meant to be self-paced, so you can take the course on your own timeline at your leisure. The only person you have to be accountable to is yourself, and I hope that freedom helps and doesn't hinder your creativity with this course.

Course Overview:

You can expect to learn all the basic fundamentals of woodburning, plus some added deep dives into techniques that can take your woodburning to the next level.

Here's a snapshot of what is to come:

~choosing the right tools + product reviews

~material recommendations

~design transfer methods

~pyrography techniques by tip shape

~design considerations for your woodburnings

~specialty tools for pyros

~exercises to sharpen your skills

~troubleshooting common issues

~how to add color to your woodburnings

~sealing your artwork

~dozens of video tutorials to help you learn!

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